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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Repurposed Receiving Blankets - Project 1 - Contoured Baby Diaper

I had (who am I kidding - have) several piles of receiving blankets ready to go before my son was even born.  I had no idea what they were for, but everyone (really.. everyone!) with a child told me you can never have enough receiving blankets.  I started to wonder after he was born if this is just some joke other moms play on new moms or moms to be to see how many blankets a new mom will collect.  I never found a use for them as a blanket or otherwise.  

When I started cloth diapering, I realized how silly it is to CD, but then use disposable wipes.  So off to the stash of receiving blankets I went with my pinking shears to make my own wipes.  5 blankets later, and I have plenty of wipes that have lasted over 2 years now.  I still have a large cloth grocery bag full of receiving blankets and now what do I do?  

Project 1:  Make my own contour cloth diapers

This weekend, I made my own pattern from one of my favorite pocket diapers and created a very cute reversible contour diaper.  I have just recently begun sewing so this is a relatively simple project that anyone can do.  I used 2 blankets, and 1 microfiber shop towel from a stash I bought a couple of years ago when we gave up papertowels.
  1. Line up 2 blankets.  Fold the blankets in half (or thirds).  Line up the long edge of the pattern on the fold of the blanket.  You should now have an outer layer and an inner layer.  This is a contour diaper and will need a cover so it is okay that both inner and outer are absorbable material.
  2. Cut out the soaker - I used a shop towel cut into a strip 4" wide by about 15" long.  
  3. Sew the soaker layers together - I didn't bother turning them inside out on this one - I figure it is inside the diaper where no one sees so it should be okay, and it didn't seem to feel uncomfortable through the other layers, so I think it is okay with my son too.
  4. Lay the soaker layer inside one of the cutout blankets and line up so the center of the soaker runs down the center of the diaper and is about one inch from the bottom of the diaper.
  5. Top stitch the soaker layer in place.
  6. Lay right sides of the blankets together and sew together leaving about 3 inches on the top side so you can turn the diaper right side out.
  7. Turn the diaper right side out, then fold under the opening.  Sew together.
  8. Voila! Contoured baby diaper!  I did not do it on this pictured one, but I will be modifying it after the next wash cycle.  I am going to go back and sew down the center of the soaker to reinforce the stitches and hold it together on both sides.  I am also going to reinforce the edges by doing a top stitch around the entire diaper.

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