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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Raw Chocolate Fudge (Gluten-Free, Anti-Candida)

We have started an anti-candida diet in our home and I am craving chocolate and sweets. I know that means my body just wants to feed the yeast, but I needed something to help me through this healing time from candida overgrowth. Messing around in the kitchen tonight, I think I found something that helps cover just enough sweetness and a lot of chocolate cravings for me. My 4 year old loved this and while we still have 3/4 of the pan left, he is already asking if we can finish it and just make more.

The ingredients here are listed by parts so that you can adjust the ratio as you need based on how much coconut meat you yield.

2 parts raw cacao butter
2 parts fresh coconut meat (young or mature coconut works)
2 parts coconut oil
2 parts cashew butter
1 part raw honey (used for anti-fungal properties and to sweeten - use more or less to your taste)
1/2 part raw cacao powder (or carob)
1/8 part cinnamon
1/8 part vanilla extract or portion of vanilla bean
pinch of sea salt

  1. Measure approximately 2.5 - 3 parts raw cacao butter in a small bowl. Place over another bowl filled with hot water to make a double "boiler." Stir as the butter starts to melt. Start this before anything else because it takes some time to melt cacao butter.
  2. Open and remove all the meat from the coconut. Reserve the water for your morning smoothie!
  3. Add all ingredients to food processor fitted with an "S" blade and blend until creamy. Add more cacao for richer taste, but the more cacao, sometimes the more bitter the taste.
  4. Pour into a glass baking dish and refrigerate for 4 - 6 hours or overnight.
  5. Cut into squares and serve chilled.


Tammy said...

Hi Susan, I used this recipe when I had sweet cravings on my candida cleanse. My holistic practitioner advised me to avoid both honey and agave so I only used stevia to sweeten. She said that's really the only sweetener that doesn't cause a glucose response and continue to feed the candida. Besides, the recipe is really good. Cacao gives it more of a dark chocolate flavor. Carob gives it more of a milk chocolate flavor. Enjoy...

Tammy said...

Also, forgot to mention, I use NuNaturals Stevia powder. It doesn't have the bitter aftertaste.

Susan said...

It is so hard to know what is right for sweeteners when doing a Candida Cleanse. I think if you ask 4 different naturapaths, DOMs, etc that you would get 4 different answers. Carob would likely be the more anti-candida safe choice though since caffeine (in the cacao) in some people can really impact their yeast. Thanks for the link to the recipe. I am experimenting with raw chocolate candy this week :)

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