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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Raw Chocolate Kale Chips

The picture does not give these justice. I have tried 2 different chocolate sauces, and ultimately the one I like the best is a simple mix of dates, cacao and coconut oil. These were super saucy and the sauce that ran off the kale and onto the teflex sheets tasted like a raw Tootsie Roll (or what my memory of tootsie rolls taste like).

1 large bunch kale, any type will do but I prefer the curly leaf stuff for chips - I just like the texture
1 cup dates, pitted
1/4 cup raw unrefined coconut oil, melted
1/4 cup cacao powder (or reg cocoa but then it wouldn't be a raw recipe)
3/4 to 1 cup of warm purified water - 3/4 is still sort of thick, 1 C makes a runnier ganache

  1. Wash and destem the kale. Tear into bite size pieces and let dry (or spin in a salad spinner)
  2. Set kale aside in a large bowl
  3. Blend remaining ingredients in a highspeed blender until well incorporated. You may want to taste at this point - if you prefer sweet sauces, you can add a few more dates, or a little agave.
  4. Pour about 1 1/2 cups of sauce over kale - you will likely have some leftover sauce that is wonderful as a topping on any dessert (raw or otherwise).
  5. Massage the sauce into the kale. The kale should be coated but not overly wet with dressing.
  6. Place a teflex sheet on your dehydrator tray and lay kale on one layer. Depending on how much kale you have in your bunch, this should fill 2 teflex sheets.
  7. Dehydrate at 105 F for about 8 hours. They will likely still be soft. Take off the teflex sheets and place directly on the mesh liner. Dehydrate another 4 - 8 hours until crispy.

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